The Sims 2: Custom Content Showcase

Hi, I’m Arthur, and this is a post about my current topic, the Sims 2. The Sims 2, released in 2004, is a strategy-simulation game, where you take control of a household of simulated people, and become the god of their tiny, pixilated lives. I’ve played the game since I received it for my 13th birthday, in 2007. A big part of the game, that has helped keep its fan community so active, is its strong openness to customized content. The game offers easy support for creating all kinds of items in the game – from clothing to full-functioning cars. While I may not play with as much custom content as some other players, there’s a lot I’ve found that I really enjoy, and I’d like to share four of those items as my first post to the blog. All of them can be found on Mod The Sims – the greatest Sims 2 fan site around.

Buddy Holly-ish Eyeglasses

by tamo

Sarah Alaska modeling red Buddy Holly-ish eyeglassesAlec Sims modeling black Buddy Holly-ish eyeglasses

It can be hard to get good glasses for your Sims, simply because there just aren’t a lot made. I like these glasses, and while they’re not for every glasses-wearing Sim, they do work well for a lot of kinds of Sims. They stand more as fashionable glasses, than anything else, and when you need that, they do the job.

Barack Obama

by enriquemt0
The Barack Obama Sim

The Barack Obama sim, is, without a doubt, the greatest Sim to ever grace this earth. Even if you’re not too big of an Obama fan, you still have to have this Sim in your game – whether to love it, play with it, torture it, or make sweet, beautiful, babies with it. It looks so realistic (most of the time, not particularly in this screenshot), and it’s just fun to have in your game, regardless of your approval for him. I have it as a townie, but you could just as easily play as it. If you play as it, or even if you don’t, you might be interested in the Michelle Obama sim.

Bedroom Create a Sim Screen

by Phaenoh
The Bedroom Create a Sim Screen

I’m not really one of the people who gets really annoyed over everything that comes with the base game, like downloading default replacements for eyes, skintone, etc. But after a while of using the basic CaS screen, I did start to want another one – just for variety. Creating your own Create a Sim screen is definitely one of the more interesting ways that have been discovered to alter the game. I considered making my own, but hey, since there was one posted that I liked perfectly fine, I just got it. It’s neat. Get it, if you don’t have one you love.

A Dozen Thinking Caps

by fanseelamb
Jenny Horton modeling a black thinking capMarcus Lehman modeling a pink thinking cap

I know I just said that I don’t get annoyed over everything that comes with the base game. But when you think about it, the thinking cap is going to be one of the items you interact with the most throughout the game, assuming you play strategically. So why not put some colour into it? I like green perfectly fine, but the shade on the standard thinking cap is not very good. So put in TWELVE MORE! YEAH!!

So that’s the four pieces of custom content I wanted to share with you today. Good night, and good luck!


~ by Arthur on 9th October 09.

One Response to “The Sims 2: Custom Content Showcase”

  1. Hey, I learned a lot about the game!
    Thanks for illuminating me.
    P.S. Sure like those thinking caps.

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