Meeting #3

DD: Someone got married in space.

AS: Why should I care?

DD: Because otherwise I’ll KILL YOU.

CH: Hey, that’s my job!

DD: Fine, CH will kill you.

SN: Space must be nice.

CH: It can kill you painfully!

DD: So can I!


DD: Right, sorry. So can CH!

CH: Better.

BH: I demand pudding!

DD: Hey, what’s this about pudding? I want pudding.

SN: Pudding for president!

CH: But then we’d lose Obama.

SN: Damn.

BH: I’m on congress, you know. I could put forth a suggestion for pudding.

DD: I like that idea, and also how the hell did you get onto congress?

BH: Box tops.

DD: Double damn.

AS: I was once elected Governer of Illinois.

BH: How’d that work out?

AS: I think it fell through after the third tub of molten gold.

DD: Triple damn!

CH: I was put at the head of Human Resources for Microsoft once.

SN: I.. Why would anyone do that? That’s like throwing cyanide in a well.

CH: Yeah, around the five-hundreth disappearance they made the link.

DD: I hate you all!

BH: But why?

DD: Because you all had positions of power.. And you ruined your chancees!

BH: I haven’t!

DD: Tell me how the pudding idea turns out.

SN: And what about me?

BO: Actually..

ALL: Barack Obama!

BO: Yup. SN, for making this country proud-

SN: Oh yeah, I annexed europe a bit ago.

BO: -I elect you Overlord of Germany. God bless america.

DD: …

SN: Sweet, bye suckers. See you on top of the world!

AS: You know.. I think I understand why you don’t get jobs more often.

DD: Because of my stunning good looks?

AS: …Because you’re already a nation leader. At least, you say you are.

DD: Of course! The AFE Illuminati! I hereby resign.

BO: Congratulations! You just became the legal owner of the universe.

DD: Sweet.

BH: Hey, a portal just opened up to an alternate universe! EVERYONE IN!

DD:… Dammit.


~ by diamondex on 9th October 09.

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