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avatar the movie

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a new movie gust came to theaters, this movie filled with three hours of action, romance, blood, ters, and heart pounding action.   this movie is Hollywood’s greatest movies yet.   this is the BEST movie i have seen i my life!  the great movie I called, AVATAR,( not to be mistaken for avatar the last air bender).

this movie has gotten many awards in the last month. Avatar  was also made/witin by the same person who made titanic and the terminator movies.

avatar is a  GREAT  movie!      people need to see this movie!

Nelson Mandela

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Nelson Mandela was born on July 18 1918 and a former president of africa (the first to be elected fully represented africa) he held office from 1994-1999 before his presidency he was an anti apartheid activist and the leader of the african national congress’ armed wing (umkhonto we sizwe) he was convicted of the charges sabotage as well as other crimes he won more than 2050 awards most know being the nobel peace prize


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I have just magetized one of my warhammer modles the lil guy can swich his arm for plasma pistle las pistle and bolt pistlel! This is not what i did but i dont have a photo.

The Show of Improvizationingtasticness

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Indeed, there shall be a show at an unknown location at an unknown time. Be there or be a geometric shape which somehow signifies lack of hipness and awesomeness. More details soon. It’s today.


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I gust got a new PS3 today.  the sony ps3 is fun and cool

I can sirch the web on my tv and play games.  and altitude for pc is cool


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    fuzz ball:  mice are planing to tack your food.

CAT:  good…good…very good little mice.

fuzz ball: what should i do now master.

CAT: go and see what time they will attack .

fuzz ball: yes master… now its time for my mort of the bargain.